Our professional instructors have devoted many hours of training to provide a safe and enjoyable learning environment for your child. We believe our instructors benefit from hands on training and education following proven industry practices as well as certified training from membership organizations that are focused on the sport. When viewing the lineup of instructors below please take note that at some point in their lives, they were gymnast as well. This speaks words for the knowledge and dedication they have.


Our low student to teacher ratio gives each student the individual attention needed to help perfect their needs. Come visit our program and help take part in the development of your child’s physical and mental growth.

Laura Basile

LAURA BASILE Head Boys Competitive Team Coach

Terri Beck

TERRI BECK Developmental Instructor/Coordinator

Abbey Breese

ABBEY BREESE Developmental/Recreational Instructor/Competitive Team Coach

Ellison Deegan

ELLISON DEEGAN Developmental/Recreational Instructor

Anna DeLeon

ANNA DELEON Developmental/Recreational Instructor

Caitlyn Faint

CAITLYN FAINT Developmental/Recreational Instructor/Competitive Team Coach

Emma Groot

EMMA GROOT Developmental/Recreational Instructor

Mary Harasyn

MARY HARASYN Developmental Instructor

Tessa Hockman

TESSA HOCKMAN Developmental/Recreational Instructor/Competitive Team Coach

Julia Ingham

JULIA INGHAM Developmental/Recreational Instructor

Molly Johnson

MOLLY JOHNSON Developmental/Recreational Instructor/Competitive Team Coach

Ashlee Keeler

ASHLEE KEELER Developmental/Recreational/Tumble Instructor

Brittany Kensinger

BRITTANY KENSINGER Office Administrator

Christine Kensinger


Melissa McCann

MELISSA MCCANN Developmental Instructor/Competitive Team Coach

Mary McKay

MARY MCKAY Developmental/Recreational Instructor/Competitive Team Coach

Lauryn Mulligan

LAURYN MULLIGAN Competitive Team Coach

Reagan Newhouse

REAGAN NEWHOUSE Developmental/Recreational Instructor/Competitive Team Coach

Katie Osbourn

KATIE OSBOURN Developmental/Recreational Instructor

Kendra Peters

KENDRA PETERS Developmental/Recreational Instructor/Competitive Team Coach

Sarah Purdy

SARAH PURDY Competitive Team Coach

Alyssa Sosebee

ALYSSA SOSEBEE Developmental/Recreational Instructor/Competitive Team Coach

Lauren Taylor

LAUREN TAYLOR Developmental/Recreational/Tumble Instructor

Ashely Vukova

ASHLEY VUKOVA Head Girls Competitive Team Coach


We are proud members of USA Gymnastics. This organization is the backbone of making dreams come true and is a helpful resource in understanding this great sport.



USA Gymnastics Professional Membership

USA Gymnastics Safety Certified

USA Gymnastics Skill Evaluators

(ASEP) American Sport Education Program

American Red Cross CPR Certified

(PDP) Professional Development Program I & II

(AACCA) American Association of Cheerleading Coaches and Advisors Safety Certified

(NCSSE) The National Council for Spirit Safety and Education Master Level

Safe Sport.png

Shenandoah Tumblers, Inc. is committed to the highest level of safety of all children in our program. We are proud to have staff who are SafeSport Certified. We follow these child safety precautions: 

  • our staff are background checked and reviewed regularly

  • our substitute teachers are current employees 

  • our supervision of children always requires more than one adult in the gym

  • our staff are trained regularly on SafeSport policies

  • parent volunteers are required to be SafeSport certified